Team Leadership believes that in today’s global marketplace, being ‘culturally savvy’ is no longer just nice to have but it is ‘mission critical’ for building and maintaining a competitive globally advantageous corporation. Those ‘one size fits all’ initiatives are no longer an effective approach.

Team Leadership takes pride in ensuring that our facilitation, coaching or consulting services are tangible, measurable, cost effective and vital for your organization’s continued success.

Team Leadership’s custom packages are designed for the individual contributor, the team and leadership/senior staff to ensure that the following specific needs are met:

  • Ensured Growth and Sustainability
  • Increased Customer Insight and Engagement
  • Enhanced Employee, Team and Organizational Productivity

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” ~ Warren Bennis


  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Presence
  • Leadership and Staff Development
  • Managing Change
  • Workplace Conflict and Disputes
  • Multi-Generational Workplaces
  • Productivity/Time Management Training
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
  • Operation and Systems Process Improvement
  • Non-Profit Paperwork at the State and Federal Levels (501c3)
  • Research, Grant Writing, RFPs, Proposals and Bids
  • Non Compete and Conflict of Interest Documentation
  • Collaborations, Strategic Alliances, Partnership-Building and Stakeholder Outreach
  • Implementation of a ‘Fundability’ Plan and Fundraising Initiatives
  • Board Guidelines and Assessment
  • Bylaws, Robert’s Rules of Order and Job Description (customized)
  • SWOT Analysis, Positioning and Visibility Strategies
  • Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making


  1. Proven instructional design approach,
  2. Results-driven methodology,
  3. Best-in-class training offerings, and
  4. Variety of training modalities (case studies, assessments, blended learning, participant-led and instructor-led presentations, and advanced technology tools).

In fact, it is this platform that allows Team Leadership to exceed your expectations and requirements and it permits us to sync with your internal goals and objectives.

Our focus is on providing a laser-focused, innovative curriculum mixed with coaching and conflict resolution services that culminate in helping our clients to create a more innovative, productive, culturally diverse and results-focused company.

We believe that the requisite tools we incorporate will further assist in building your long-term distinct position in the marketplace.