Capability Statement

The Institute for Leadership, Success & Health LLC is a team of highly skilled professionals whose combined experience totals over 75 years.  Referred to as Team Leadership, we serve five principal client sectors: Government, Corporate, Military, Non-Profit and Small Business.

Team Leadership’s expertise lies in: 1) Training and Development, 2) Process and Performance Improvement, 3) Strategic Leadership, Planning and Execution, 4) Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, 5) Multi-Generational Workplace Dynamics, 6) Maximizing Team Engagement and Performance, 7) Interpersonal and Soft Skills, 8) Effective Customer Service, 9) Best and Next Practices, 10) Monitoring and Compliance, and 11) Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

Through personal integrity, principle-based leadership and proven teamwork performance, Team Leadership offers a variety of programs and coaching/consulting services designed to add value and create a healthy workplace for our client sectors, while promoting organizational excellence and sustainability.

Team Leadership’s goal is to always provide lasting organizational change for our client sectors through gaining a sound understanding of each sector’s competencies and needs, which are always necessary to successfully execute a strategic development initiative.

Team Leadership’s expertise also includes cultural competence, implementing best/next practices in diversity, inclusion and equity while creating a climate of trust and mutual respect for learning and application.

For large-scale government and military projects, Team Leadership has always utilized the expertise of experienced professionals with military and/or other specialized backgrounds in an advisory/collaborative capacity. These professionals have been long-time colleagues and they truly enjoy partnering and co-facilitating with our Team to enhance the client’s experience.

We partner with our clients to ensure that we understand their culture, challenges, and expected outcomes by:

  1. Achieving each client’s goals for engagement by applying strategy, processes and technology in our areas of expertise.
  2. Reinforcing our client’s culture for performance improvement and growth, by utilizing a variety of learning styles, coupled with an array of presentation approaches with mixed instructional models and delivery methods.
  3. Obtaining measurable and transformational bottom-line results for our clients by providing custom and off-the-shelf programs that employ our: 1) proprietary training and development methods, 2) employee development model, 3) training design processes and 4) curriculum design approach.
  4. Answering our client’s needs for ‘leading change, leading people and leading outcomes’ through our customized protocols and measureable results.

We are dedicated to continuing our legacy of high performance, value-add, and unparalleled commitment by connecting with our clients to integrate cutting-edge training and development strategies, techniques, models and systems that will produce a revenue-rich portfolio of innovative solutions and advanced business management outcomes.